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Show History:

06/22/19_|PA|_The Grape Room
06/21/19_|PA|_The Mercersburg Mansion House
06/02/19_|MD|_Braceface House
05/25/19_|NV|_Punk Rock Bowling
05/18/19_|DC|_Pearl Street Warehouse
03/23/19_|DC|_Pie Shop

10/28/18_|FL|_The Fest
10/26/18_|FL|_The Fest
08/31/18_|DC|_The Pinch
08/19/18_|NY|_Rats Nest Run-In
08/18/18_|NY|_Rats Nest Run-In
08/16/18_|DC|_Club Heaven and Hell
07/20/18_|MI|_Vans Warped Tour
07/19/18_|OH|_Vans Warped Tour
07/18/18_|OH|_Vans Warped Tour
07/15/18_|DC|_The Pinch
06/30/18_|DC|_Black Cat (CR Release Show)
04/21/18_|DC|_The Commune at 1605 (Acoustic)
03/31/18_|PA|_Connie's Ric Rac
03/29/18_|NJ|_Roxy and Dukes
03/24/18_|MD|_Milkboy Arthouse College Park
03/17/18_|NY|_Snapper Magee's
02/24/18_|DC|_The Pinch

10/28/17_|FL|_The Fest
10/26/17_|MD|_Braceface House
10/21/17_|NY|_Nowhere Fest
10/20/17_|PA|_Connie's Ric Rac
09/02/17_|DC|_9:30 Club
08/26/17_|NY|_The Chance Theater
08/05/17_|NJ|_Millhill Basement
08/04/17_|DE|_Oddity Bar
07/22/17_|PA|_The Grape Room
06/24/17_|NY|_Snapper Magee's
05/20/17_|MD|_The Sidebar
05/13/17_|VA|_VFW 9274: Punk Bash
04/22/17_|DC|_The Commune at 1605
03/19/17_|TX|_SXSW: Altercation Hangover
03/18/17_|TX|_SXSW: Altercation Punk Rock BQ
03/17/17_|TX|_SXSW: Stout by Stout City
02/11/17_|DC|_The Commune at 1605

12/03/16_|DC|_The Commune at 1605
09/25/16_|DC|_Songbyrd: Upstart Fest 16
08/05/16_|VA|_Rhodeside Grill
07/07/16_|DC|_Black Cat (CoA Release Show)
04/28/16_|DC|_The Wonderland Ballroom
04/08/16_|DC|_The Commune at 1605
02/28/16_|VA|_IOTA Club & Cafe

10/31/15_|MD|_The Retreat
09/19/15_|DC|_The Pinch
09/12/15_|DC|_The Electric Maid
09/03/15_|DC|_The Wonderland Ballroom
08/28/15_|DC|_Rat City Booking First Anniversary Bash
08/08/15_|DC|_The Velvet Lounge
08/01/15_|VA|_Fat Tuesday's
07/11/15_|DC|_Metro Area Ska and Punk Summer Bash
07/10/15_|VA|_Fat Tuesday's
06/29/15_|DC|_The Pinch
06/28/15_|DC|_The Electric Maid
06/27/15_|DC|_Tree House Lounge
06/26/15_|MD|_Raw Ink
06/25/15_|DC|_The Wonderland Ballroom
05/24/15_|DC|_The Velvet Lounge
04/26/15_|DC|_Tree House Lounge